Privacy Policy

Image copyright policy

Images that are sent to Clippingpathindia24 by our valued customers are considered as their own property. Otherwise, we never claim that images’ ownership getting from different types of channels such as email, cloud storage, FTP or any other ways used to get their photo editing jobs done. In addition, we never think to expose your images on social media or on search engines that may harp your objectives centering the image editing issue. So, we are very strict to manage your valuable photos in our custody. This is a kind of violation of image copyright rules. We obey it. We respect your right policy.

Clients’ information collection policy never collects data unnecessarily. In a view to communication to our customers, however, sometimes become a must one. So, then we can ask you several types of information that does not mean you are coming under a spamming list. This thing only happens between Clippingpathindia24 and its customers due to a project to complete, nothing else. We are very sincere to your photos that need to be done by us.

e-mail policy

Your e-mail is secured to us. We are not a business with lead generation that collects the customers emails in fake ways. So, we assure you that you email or any other contacts will never come to a contact that may be a hype without your concern. Our monopoly business is only with photo editing services, hence, we do not go otherwise to mess our root thoughts in a commitment to editing or manipulating photos. You are also secured here.

Cookies policy

Cookies are small files that browsers obtain in transiting several types of communication. In this case, we certainly can use your cookies to let you know about any updates or any other important information. On subscribing our newsletter, we usually use cookies to have frequent service information that is helpful to you and we feel free to pass the right information right time. So, this is our privacy right to use your cookies created by the time on service.

Privacy policy updates information

Clippingpathindia24 is not a static service provider. It looks for customers-oriented updates. And for doing that, a skilled team is always busy to modern our service strength all the way. However, this is clear that we may come to a change our privacy policy and you honor it as a time demand. Please hit our contact if any suggestion on written privacy policy we place here to present you.