Basic Photo Editing Rate

Clipping Path India24

Currency Simple Editing Medium Difficult Editing Very Difficult Editing
USD $0.35 $1----$50 $50----$500
EURO €0.30 €0.85----€42.3 €42.3----€422.97
GBP £0.26 £0.75----£37.63 £37.63----£376.35

Your photo editing difficulty will assess the price range

We respect your deadline, we value your time and we save your money

Our Customer Use

Frequently Asked Questions

Dropbox, WeTransfer, FTP and as your wish.

On e-mail, skype, twitter, Facebook.

Never. Because we have sufficient expert designers to oversee the editing projects.

Yes, but an extra charge we apply for that.

Sure, but you have to be a regular and “Star Client”.

Rare question. We never face this types of problems.

PayPal, Master Card, Visa, Bank Wire Transfer, Western Union and Xoom .

Yes, 50% against a project cost.

You can use wire transfer like Western Union, Bikash or Check

Any format such JPG, JPEG,PNG,Bitmap etc.

Sure, it’s your customer right.

Of course, we value your promotional activities with the edited photos.

We strictly maintain the privacy of your photos.

Yes, we considered is as a sold item forever.